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    How to move my slingbox from the original accesspoint to the cable company's accesspoint?


      I had a cable modem with no wifi and I bought my own wifi access point where the Slingbox is connected to and configured. The cable company recently upgrade my cable modem with a modem that comes with a builtin wifi. I tried to move the sling box from the original wifi AP to the cable modem's AP (trying to simply my wireless network) but even after resetting all of the devices along the way. The Slingbox can not be reached through the new modem/AP. I moved it back to the original wifi behind the modem and it works again. I think the Slingbox had an old IP address 192.162.1.x address from my own AP whereas the new modem/AP has an IP address range of 192.168.0. How do I reconfigure the slingbox when the setup program does not detect the slingbox when it is connect to the 192.168.0 network? Help!