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    Will a power cut cause problems with Catcher


      Hi I have people on holiday, I left the catcher working all fine but now it asks for e mail and password. I have provided this but it will not recognise these. If I get them to reset will they have to do the whole set up or will it be just the e mail and pass word set up


      thanks all



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          robbr Newbie

          Are you thinking about creating a new Sling account?  If you do that you shouldn't have to re-do any other settings, the only thing that would change is your login info.  Once you set it to the updated Sling account you should be fine.  Sounds like your old account may be corrupted.  I had a previous Sling account we couldn't ever get to work with my Catchers, I ended up setting up a new account using a Gmail addres and it's worked fine the last yar w/out an issue.


          If you lost power for an extended period of time it could be that your Slingcatcher lost all of it's info and needs to be reset, have you tried to login to your account via your computer or the Sling.com website?