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    Need help stting up with 2wire  \outer


      Hi all and thanks,

      Ive taken my classic out of the drawer after a long rest and tried to re-set it up.I have no problem seeing it on my own network (inside the house) but when i try to set it up for remote viewing it tells me that it was unsuccessfu.

      Here's the details:

      Slingbox classic


      both green lights on

      Slingbox hardwired into router

      Router- 2wire 3801ghv (this router is not listed in the configuation list)


      I can't seem to get through the firewall settings.


      If anyone can help me out with this i would be greatly appresiated



        • Re: Need help stting up with 2wire  \outer

          Hi Boomer1112,


          I understand that you are having some issues in order to set up your Slingbox Classic for Internet Viewing.


          Most of the times, this issue is related to the settings to adjust on the router. You need to gather the IP address provided by the router for your Slingbox and create the port forwarding rule. Once you follow this process, your Slingbox will be able to reach the Internet and you will be able to get the remote connection. Even though you do not have a Slingbox SOLO, the instructions included on this link guide you through this process:


          Manual Setup


          Even though this router model is not listed, the following third-party link will provide you with the steps to follow in order to adjust the router settings for Internet Viewing:


          Port Forwarding SlingBox on the 2wire 3800HGV-B