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    Cannot connect or view away from House


      Hi all , managed to get sling to work in the home , and can view wirelessly on laptop  however if I log on to my account from work I cannot find it  or view ? Using a brand new super router  ( netgear) supplied by Virgin media .


      When trying to log in I am told it cannot find the slingbox and asks me to enter the name and ip address , but then nothing ...any suggestions ?




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          I have managed to answer this myslef but could help others ...dont using any other browser except Firefox ..even though they suggest certain browsers should be compatible ... I found three that wasnt ( even with the plug ins installed and all updated )


          My only other question is that how does the HDMI plug work on this unit ? Ok its a feed in I know but at present this is connected direct to my TV if I connect to the sling how do I then connect to TV as an output ?