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    Need full Slingplayer client for XP for use with Slingbox Classic


      I have a Slingbox Classic purchased back in 2006 which works very well. My old laptop died and I've replaced it with a new laptop with XP Pro on it (the software I need to use for work does not run on Windows 7).  I need to download the good old Slingplayer stand-alone client and install it on my laptop, but I can't find it anywhere.


      I've tried the new web browser plug-in, but it is unsatisfactory as it has two screen size options - small and full screen - and in the "small" mode it takes up much more screen real estate than the Slingplayer client. My laptop's screen is 1920x1080 so with the plug-in the video window is either a postage stamp or full screen.  I need to be able to have the video window a size where I can see and read the scrolling text on financial shows while having at least one other window open at a substantial size.  I could do that with the Slingplayer client on my old laptop (which also ran Windows XP).


      Where can I download the good old Slingplayer stand-alone (no web browser) software?