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    Just upgraded to lastest update and now blank screen???


      I just updated to the Dec 6 update for my ipad2 and now have a blank screen even though everything is working fine?? I have three green dots so everything is fine but just a blank screen and even can turn channels but still just a blank screen. Am using OS5.


      Any ideas, I'm in the DR and miss my content (Dominican Republic).



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          Bazza Newbie

          I have had this same problem with one of my satellite boxes connected to a Slingbox Solo. It seemed to occur if the Slingbox was accessed when the satellite box had no video signal I.e. the box was switched off. Switching the box on produced audio and normal control but no video. I found if I disconnected and then reconnected the video appeared. This problem existed prior to the latest update. I have changed my Solo for a Pro HD Slingbox and have not had the problem with the Pro HD. Hope this helps to get you video back.

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            Hi singletravel,


            It seems that you are having some issues with your SlingPlayer for iPad application since you cannot get the video signal.


            First, I recommend you to test the connection to your Slingbox using the web based SlingPlayer application on your computer. If it works fine, you must launch the SlingPlayer application on your iPad 2 and see how it behaves.


            In this case, the issue might be related to the current status of the cable box or DVR attached to your Slingbox. Make sure to tap the "Miscellaneous" or "Misc" option at the top of the page and then tap on the "Power On / Off" button. This way, you will be able to get the set top box video signal on your iPad 2 SlingPlayer application.



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                Bazza Newbie

                Hi Raneleon,


                The updated iPad app is an improvement on the previous version. I have both Slingbox Solo and Slingbox HD PRO (running standard SD). When connected to Solo Sling boxes I get the New AUTO button for selecting definition. However when connecting to the HD PRO I do not get the Auto button. It does not matter whether I am running on the local network or remote connection, the AUTO option just does not present itself when the connection is to the Slingbox HD Pro. I only have the High or Standard definitions available.  Can you shed any light on why this is occurring. The App clearly is working because the AUTO definition comes up when connecting to the Slingbox Solo whether I am running on the internal network  or making a remote connection.

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                Hi I am having the same problem with a blank screen. After reading all the post it seems my problem is I will have to get a Slingbox Pro HD, I am presently running the Slingbox Pro which is 2 years old. my question is do I have to purchase the Slingbox Pro HD in order for my Slingbox to work or is there a upgrade I can download to my Slingbox Pro?

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                    Bazza Newbie



                    Jambone, If you upgrade to a Slingbox pro HD you will get another unexpected error. It appears that the latest update of the mobile app expects the network connection to be good enough for HD streaming (2mb/s) so the AUTO quality does not come up. This is not an issue if stream across a local network but if you are watching remotely Very few are lucky enough to have an ISP that can offer more than 2ms/s of upload speed. One is therefore back where the old app was failing in that you have to downgrade the video quality to standard definition SD or endure endless rebuffering of the video. I have asked Silngmedia about this issue but they just don't reply. It seems if the request for help concerns a known fault in their software you get met with a wall of silence. The AUTO quality function works with the Slingbox Solo so it looks a good bet that problem lies within the software.


                    You should be able to overcome the blank screen by ensuring the remote source is playing video. Disconnecting and reconnecting solves the problem for me when it arises. I think the problem has always been there but the latest update has made the problem more frequent. Software bug in my view but don't hold your breath for an update. Slingmedia takes months to react.