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    Upgrade to High Def


      We have an old Slingbox Solo. The info says it is version 1.3.16  For 2 years we have attempted to update the software when we brought Slingbox up and always got the message that Slingbox was being updated and to check back later.


      Recently we updated our TV PVR to High Def.  Then when we went to bring up Slingbox we got audio but no video.  We upgraded the cable connection for HD and the same thing happened.  Our son attempted to remove the software from our computer and was unable to sohe manually uninstalled it.  Now when we go to Slingmedia,it installs the activex plug in and then just loops on that install.  Do we need a new slingbox or can the one we have be upgraded to work with our new High Def PVR and TV? If the software/firmware can be updated how do I do it?