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    Which DVR to connect to?


      My daughter's fiancee has purchased a Slingbox Solo so she can watch shows while living out of the country.  We have AT&T Uverse with five DVR boxes.  I have set up the system on the primary unit in the living room and tested it.  Is it possible (and is there any advantage) to hooking it up to a lesser used DVR box?

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          Folks, I could really use some help on this one.


          The directions said something about installing the unit on a lesser used set top box so I moved it this morning and hooked it up to a DVR in a spare bedroom.  Now I can't recapture the signal.  Does the Slingbox have to be on the primary DVR with AT&T Uverse systems?


          I'm not at home right now and can't check it but it's possible the Motorola box in the bedroom is a model 1200 instead of 1216.  Maybe I need to run setup again to see if that's the problem.


          But as to my original question, can someone please give me some guidance?