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    Multiple people watching different shows at the same time.


      Sorry if this has already been discussed, as I was not able to find any discussions on this.  I am relocating to London for 2 years and want to be able to watch my American shows in the UK. 


      My question is, when I set things up and want to watch my shows, can multiple people watch tv at the same time?  Say somoene at my house in the US is watching tv, will I be able to watch tv in the UK simultaneously?  If not, are there any players out there that have this capability? 


      I also want to be able to pre-record any shows when they start instead of recording now and recording all the shows that are played regardless of when the show I want to see is played (sorry if that is confusing).  If a show starts at 8pm and I am only home at 5pm, I want to be able to start the recording at 8pm.  Is this possible?


      Can the slingbox act as a DVR?  Set my recordings when I want them, turn off my tv, and then when I am ready to watch, be able to turn on my tv and select the shows I want to see.


      Any help is appreciated.  Thanks!

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          Hi nkongsinh,


          I understand that you want to know if the Slingbox allows multiple connections at the same time and if it has recording capabilities.


          Although you are able to get the connection to your Slingbox from many devices (supported computers, tablets and Mobile phones), the Slingbox will allow only one connection at the time, due to the broadcast restrictions.


          However, the Slingbox PRO-HD will allow you to split the TV signal if you use its internal tuner. You must connect a splitter to the cable that comes from the wall (coaxial). Then, send two lines out from the splitter: one will feed your TV set or cable box and the second line will feed the Slingbox coaxial input. The only disadvantage is that you will only get the basic cable service channels, since there is no connection through the set top box.


          Regarding your last question, unfortunately the Slingbox does not have recording capabilities. This means that you will not be able record with the Slingbox. Your only option in this case is to hook up a supported DVR unit. This way, the Slingbox will allow you to control your DVR features.