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    SlingPlayer plays and then disconnects in 10 secs over at+t network


      Looking for help. After a year or so streaming fine on windows phone 7 device (minus the mango problem which is now fixed). My wife's and my phone stopped streaming from slingplayer when connected on at+t 3g/4g network.  It will load  up fast.. Start streaming clearly and then freeze 10 secs later. Oddly I am still able to change channels but the screen on the phone is static but on my actual tv changes still. In about a minute I will get your phone is not connected to internet message.


      Connected via home wifi is good.


      I tried a guest network with laptop and it was fine. I tried outside wifi hotspots and  it was fine.


      I then decide to setup a hotspot from my phone using at+t network and connect to a laptop to it. After 10 secs it disconnects as well with message connection has been lost.


      I tried resetting my slingplayer back to factory. After configuring on 5001 I tried configuring on 443 in case that port was allowed on at+t network.


      So was wondering if there was a way to get this to work. I'll give it a few days before calling at+t but it has been happening for 3 days now.


      The fact it occurs on multiple phones and tethered laptops both on different data plans thru at+t this would this should be reported more widespread with other users.


      Since I can repro on my laptop via hotspot I'll get wireshark installed and get a good trace as well.

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          Hi techgeek360,


          Sorry to hear that you have troubles connecting to the Slingbox using the 3G/4G connection on your mobile. This is definitely an issue created by the AT&T network, probably a bandwidth restriction since you already performed all the available steps to connect to the Slingbox using your laptop and the mobile on different networks, including the hotspot from your phone. Have you tried to contact your mobile carrier and confirm that you have no restrictions on your data plan? Here you can find the mobile network requirements to avoid this type of conflicts:


          Windows Phone - Devices and Requirements