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    How long is the phone support period?


      How long is the phone support period with a purchace of a new Pro-HD?


      I am hessitating on the firmware upgrade, but I better get it done before my phone support runs out.



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          ArizonaSackbut Apprentice

          Hi Drew345,



          90 days.  On day 91 expect to get hit with a $30 per-incident fee before you can ask any questions, that includes live chat and email.  There is also a $50 extended coverage option available during the original warranty period.  If you're willing to pay in the first place, the extra $20 bucks is worth it in my opinion.  It'll pay for itself on the second call.


          Here's the overview and contact links:



          And here is the fine print:




          If you're still covered under the factory warranty but past the first 90 days and the problem turns out to be a hardware failure, you get your $30 bucks back.  You still have to plunk down your money up front though before you get started.


          Bear in mind that firmware is a software issue of sorts, I'm not sure if you're eligible to get your help fee back if the problem is traced to that. If you're in your 90 day window, I'd pick up the phone ASAP.



          Good luck,


          - Az