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    One SlingBox at my sons home and I want to look in other country


      Hi there!


      I'm Rune and I don't have a SlingBox yet but are going to get one, and I need help with a very importent question!


      I don't live in my homecountry no more but my son is, and I like to get a SlingBox to watch TV in my new country. But if I hook it up at my son's home, I don't want to interfer with his TV-watching.


      So my question is:


      How do I cofigure the cables from his cable TV outlet to make it possible for him to look on whatever he likes without my channel changes and so, from my country, effect his TV in any way?


      If the question is answered already in this forum (I did'n find it thou) please give me a link to the answer!


      Thank you in advance!


      Best regards

      Rune Lind

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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          In my country (USA) my cable TV service provider leases "bare-bones" Digital Transport Adapters (about the size of a cable modem) that allow one to watch TV programs on additional TVs in the home without all of the search and channel lineup viewing capabilities of its regular cable box.   So, I got one of these connected to my Slingbox, and so the SB can stream channels from the DTA, while the main TV gets the full-feature channel lineup from the regular cable box.


          If you son's TV service provider does not offer sometihing similar, then he probably would need to rent a second cable box.  Another alternative might be to purchase a DVR (such as a Tivo), record on the Tivo the programs that you wish to stream at a later time, then connect the SB to the Tivo and stream programs from it, instead of from "live" TV broadcasts.