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    Error Code:W211


      I am getting Error Code:W211 after viewing for a few hours on the same channel.  Also my remote doesn't work in full screen mode.  Why does it appear if it doesn't work?

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          Hi uberpotentate, this article will help you troubleshoot the error W211 of the Slingplayer.


          Understanding Watch on Slingbox.com error codes



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            We have a Slingbox Solo, which we bought in 2007.  When we moved out of the country we left the Slingbox with a "caretaker".  It worked great for a few years.  Now we get the picture freezing up after 10-15 minutes of viewing.  We actually got hold of a person at Slingbox.  Reading between the lines, they said they could help us, but we had to pay the $29.99 for their help and we had to have the caretaker on the line so they could troubleshoot it.  If the troubleshooting didn't work, they would replace the unit.  Has anyone used this service for $29.99 and had good results ?  We are eldery and living on a fixed income.  Any reply would be appreciated.