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    Can't access Slingbox outside home network; using Linksys E4200


      I just got a Slingbox Solo and everything works great at home, but I am unable to access the Slingbox outside my home network.


      The Linksys e4200 router is connected to a Ubee modem from Time Warner Cable with Wideband (50MB / 5 MB).


      I have set the port forwarding for 5001 to the IP address returned by the 'Manual router setup', but it hasn't helped.  I have also tried port range forwarding for 5001-5010.


      One thing that seems odd to me is that the IP address specified from the Slingbox 'Manual router setup' information is, whereas if I look at the DHCP Client Table in the router status page it shows My Slingbox as


      Any assistance would be welcomed.  Has anyone gotten a Linksys e4200 router to work with their Slingbox?


      Thanks in advance.