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    Streaming rates have become more erratic and much lower, how can I fix this?


      Streaming from the East coast to Los Angeles has always had high rates of fluxuation, but recently the kbps have seriously decreased and tend to drop extreemly low more often than not. I used to be able to stay well about 1000 kbps, now I'm lucky to even reach that mark. I also used to get better streaming rates when I was plugged in to the router instead of using Wi-fi, but now I'm not even having luck with that. I have not changed anything in my equipment or internet provider.


      So my questoins are:


      How can I improve my streaming rate? Ideally I'd like to get it back to the 1500-2500 Kbps I had been getting.


      How can I steady the streaming rate so that is in not constantly dropping out on me?


      Thanks for your help!