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    Network led steady OFF since power up



      I got a Slingbox Pro since May 2009 that served very well for two years.

      Some month ago I lost the connection and I found that the network led was off.

      Power cycle, reset nothing changed.

      I've changed two routers, two network switches, cables and so on... I got these reads anyway:


      - the network led is always off, it doesn't even blink

      - the network switch port traffic led blinks (some second off, one second lit, one subsequent shorter flash, then again off and so ad lib)

      - the orignal power supply gives 6.2 Volts  DC without charge

      - inserting the power plug,  the voltage floats from 4.35 to 4.85 V DC very fast

      - the lan1102 transformer is ok and the rj45 socket is properly connected to pin 9 to 16


      Please tell me if it worths to buy a new power supply adapter or file my slingbox under "R" as in "Retired"