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    The DVR jump back button is greyed out


      I can see my DVR but the jump back button is greyed out.


      I use a Cisco 8642 and the skip back button works properly on the PC app, the IE add-in and my iPad.


      It's just the Boxee Box that is missing it.


      BTW, great app.  I have been using it at the hotels during a business trip this week and it is outstanding.  As a iOS user the interface seems quite familiar.


      One suggestion... why not make the pause button (which doesn't appear to do anything) pull up the menus?

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          I have the exact same problem with the forward skip button. I was especially hoping for that functionality when I bought the Boxee. Without it, I have to get up from my Sunroom couch and go to my den each time I want to skip forward through commercials. All the other buttons are enabled. Any helpful suggestions to get this working would really be appreciated. Thanks!

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              alanrichey42 Master

              Unfortunately all these viewing systems use the same binary code for the remote, which is what was downloaded when you ran the Video Input setup.  As the others all work, I can only assume this is a bug on the Boxee app, where the mapping has been done incorrectly.


              The only people who can fix this are the Sling development team, so the Moderators will have to pass this bug report to them.