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    Reset Slingbox remotely


      It would be  great improvement if it were possible to reset the home Slingbox remotely.  On a recent trip, after 4 days, my Slingbox went down.  Since there was no way to reset the Slingbox over the internet, I had to ask friends who were unfamiliar with the technology to go to my house and try to get my Slingbox working again.  Despite repeated attempts over one month and conversations with Sling support, they were unable to get it working.  When I got home after 6 weeks travel, it took me only 20 minutes to get it up and running again.  My friends were frustrated, and I had not had my Slingbox for over a month, all because I could not reset it remotely.

      Is there some workaround for this problem?  I hated having to ask my friends spend their time on this problem, and in fact, despite their having spent hours trying, it was all for nought.

      Have other people had this problem when they are away from home, and how did you solve it?