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    Slingbox reliability


      I am trying to figure out why my slingbox video quality is so unreliable.  I am thrilled with the quality when it is streaming good (speeds up to 3000kbs remotely) but I very regulary I get speeds that are unwatchable(below 100kbs).  I recently set up a slingbox pro hd in philadelphia and I am streaming it to Utah.  I have Verizon Fios internet at 25mps download and 15 mps upload hooked up to the slingbox.  I have streaming on a variety of connections and machines all broadband up to 40kbs. I have been doing speed tests on both the client and server networks and not seeing much corelation between network speed, and quality.  Is it possible that I have another bottleneck in my setup?  Is it regular for the slingbox to run this slow with network speeds this fast?  Any help would be greatly appreciated as this is currently my only telivision source.



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          Do other people see this issue as well?  Streaming seems to slow down atleast once an hour sometimes much more then that.  Is there anything else I can test to look for problems?  If I can not get this to be more reliable, I will have to return the slingbox and wait for the technology to get better.

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              I do have a similer issue.
              I see 2 possibilities from my experience.

              1. ISP was limiting the uploadspeed for streaming service such as Sling (fixed it by changing ISP)

              2. Sling software just have bunch of problems....too many bugs. It happens to me every once in a while (especially when I try connecting with new device, such as rovue and sony google TV especially messes sling pro HD A LOT!!!
              I generally fix it by connecting with multiple computers and from difference language sling websites.
              For somereason when I do that, it fixes the issue, and I can go back to view online with my regular Windows 7, chrome based player.


              Do you get both picture and sound? Just a lot bitrate issue?

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                By the way, the link from sling admin wont help my issue other than ISP limiting the bandwidth for sling.
                I think many of the problem people are experiencing are all sling's problems, such as the notorious capacitor blowing and software bug issues.
                Once you get it working, it's a great product so good luck!!
                I am actually hoping for the next version to be able to raise the upload speed since no matter how fast your upload bandwidth is, I think sling cannot go above much more than 3000kbps.

                Also hoping the encoding technology gets better since this codec is so weak for fast movements.

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                Hi Lichtenberg, this article may help you with this streaming issue.


                Internet Viewing Picture Quality: Some common reasons for poor picture quality