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    Mobile Licensing - Whats Slings mobile strategy?


      I have been a long time use of Slingbox and may be one of the first people to utilize your mobile client.  I have some concerns/suggestions which you may be aware of but in either case I thought I would share.  Keep in mind that when I speak for the following claims you can take it with a grain of salt or free consulting.  Let me start by saying that I work for a well known Internet company whom focuses on enterprise multichannel web content management . Our specialty is helping companies think mobile first.

      By the end of 2012 mobile browsing will eclipse desktop browsing.  This isnt my quote but rather one by many analysts such as Gartner, Forester to name a few whom have brought light of this subject.  With that said, your customer base is likely going to have more than 1 mobile device per household.  I have read posts of slingbox users having several mobile devices themselve and frustrated with the non evolved licensing model (refering to your licensing model which offers free desktop client but charges per mobile device).  I myself have 5 different mobile devices including iphones, an android device and 2 ipads across 2 itunes accounts. Having to pay to pay for 5 different licenses is discouraging.  Also having to pay to upgrade from my Slingbox pro to a "supported" or newer slingbox is also discouraging.

      I am sure you are familiar with the market shift in TV/cable. Comcast/xfinity is offering free mobile apps/functionality for their customers to watch any station they wish and also an intuitive interface to watch free ondemand movies.  Motorola mobiility (builds home cable boxes) is owned by Google now....we should see this landscape evolve fairly quickly. And I didnt even mention Apple TV.


      With that said, I suggest that slingbox evaluates their mobile strategy when it comes to licensing.  I love your technology and would prefer to see you guys succeed rather than end up using my slingbox as a door stopper a year from now.


      Thanks for your time