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    SlingPlayer for BoxeeBox App:  DVR Button Grayed Out


      I have the SlingPlayer for BoxeeBox App, and I can stream, but the DVR button is grayed out, and I cannot access any quickkeys.  Therefore I can't control my DVR through the Boxee.  Everything works fine through the computer, just not through the app.  Do I need to do anything online to set it up?



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          UPDATED 11/6/2011 : I called tech support with my case number -- they now say it has been been elevated tp "third level support and I should hear from them -- I will report back


          ORIGINAL MESSAGE 11/2/2011:




          I bought the Boxee for the Sling application -- and only the Sling.


          I'm having the same problem exactly.  But with DVR and GUIDE...I can see the picture and get sound -- and get all of the control buttons 'lit up' except DVR and GUIDE.


          It works fine with both computer (windows) and iphone applications.


          I just spent two hours on the phone with SLING tech support -- which I have always found to be great. . .and they were VERY complete.  They linked into my computer and logged on to the slingbox through it. . .worked fine.  Then had me re-losd and re-boot both the Boxee and the sling. . .still no remote.


          Then, they used my sling account to log onto my box from a Boxee they had there -- and tried to re-configure my sling.  No success.


          So now it have been 'elevated to the second level' and I've been given a case number.  I will report back on how it is going.  I did tell them about the several postings here decsribing the same problem.


          I will say in the past they have always found a solution.  I even paid for support ($32.00 for an incident) when I had a problem about a year ago.


          I live in the Virgin Islands and have the slingbox (Pro-HD) in an apartment in New York City.  (FIOS in NYC)  It is a godsend and I love it.


          The picture and sound quality are quite good even though our broadband here is not the best.


          I'm hopeful that this will be as good a product as the others.