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    the picture on my slingcatcher freeze


      the picture on my slingcatcher freeze after 2 minutes and will not start more.

      my slingcatcher is new y dont know why that makes it please help.

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          I had this same problem... I could start watching and it streamed fine. Then a couple minutes into watching, the picture would freeze and I would have to disconnect and reconnect to get it back... If this soulds like the problem you are having you could try what I did. I found out that there was something within the router that was causing this to happen. So far I have found that the only way to fix it is to use a different router. I have the Linksys WRT54GL with the latest firmware. I also had this same problem on a Telnet router, I cant remember the model number. What I did to check this is to connect my slingcatcher directly to the modem and see if it still froze, mine did not.


          Currently I have my linksys router connected to the modem and a belkin router connected between the linksys and the slingcatcher, this works for me.

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              I recommend you investigate the packet size, i.e. MTU settings.  While I have no experience with SlingCatcher, other slingbox users have corrected freeze problems by altering MTU packet size.  See the post "Picture Freezes Every Time" on the forum; a link is also in the "More Like This" list to the right on this page at the time of this post.

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                I am having a freezing issue as well but I am not sure if it's the same problem you guys are having. When I start watching a movie that is on my computers hard drive with my Sling Catcher it will start freezing up and then going again. If I pause it for a minute or teo it seems to go away but then starts freezing up again after a few more minutes. I can make it stop freezing for a short amount of time just by pauseing the play back for a minute or two each time.  I have three sling catchers in my house and I don't have this problem on the other two. I have verizon fious and net gear gigabit routers. I have two sling catcher going threw TWO net gear gigabit routers with no issues at all.  The one sling catcher thats only going threw one gigabit router is the one giving me the freezing issues. I tryed switching sling catchers around and still same problem in the same location. THEN I tryed running the cat5 directly from the fious router to the sling catcher that was freezing and it fixed my problem!  I don't understand it,  Can anyone explain this to me???

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                Hi manuelricardo,


                You may need  to restart or reset your SlingCatcher, try the steps outlined here:

                SlingCatcher   freezes after streaming video from a Slingbox for a  long, long time




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                    This works to unfreeze but, on my slingcatcher, once it gets going again it only takes about 2-5 min before it freezes again.

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                        If still the  same problem, I would recommend you to perform an SlingCatcher System Recovery, after reset the SlingCatcher you will be able to follow the Recovery on screen options, besides that, you can test a different network to discard the  current one as the main problem.




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                            I had the SlingBox Pro with my SlingCatcher and it worked fine.  I was interested in buying the new SlingBox Pro HD so that I could get the HD iPad app, and I made sure Sling said it was compatible with the SlingCatcher first.  They said it was, so I bought and installed it.


                            It works with my iPad remotely, with my computer remotely, but on the SlingCatcher it plays for a minute or two then freezes and requires the SlingBox to be power cycled, as other posters have discussed.


                            I called tech support but they claimed my router wasn't setup to forward both TCP and UDP, but it was setup correctly.  Then they claimed I was forwarding to an IP address that wasn't set in the SlingBox itself and they told me it defaulted to .254 - so I reserved the .254 addy for the unit and updated the port forward.  The problem with the SingCatcher remains.


                            They are not able to help me further, however, because I'm not located with my unit (even though I can remotely power cycle my network components and I can remotely configure my router).  They claim I have to run the setup assistant software on my local network and that because I didn't use the setup assistant to automatically setup remote viewing, that is the problem.  I think this is bunk.  The SlingBox is a networked device and I can update its firmware remotely, so I should be able to update any setting remotely.  Besides that, when I did use the setup assistant locally the first time, it gave me the option of configuring remote viewing manually.  I did select the auto feature, but the software was unable to connect to the router for some reason (since it never asked for username or password I wouldn't imagine the software would have been able to log into the router anyway).


                            Most importantly, remote viewing works great on the computer (both desktop software and internet browser) and on my iPhone and iPad.  It just doesn't work with the SlingCatcher for more than two minutes.  That does NOT sound like a configuration issue, that sounds like a problem with the SlingCatcher.


                            Is anybody here able to use their SlingCatcher with a SlingBox Pro HD (without downgrading firmware and losing iPad support as has been suggested in other discussions)?

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                        My daughter is in the Navy and in Japan, using slingcatcher to use our slingbox and directv dedicated dvr and tv for her use only.  After the verizon combo router/modem died I bought a Linksys E3200 router and Verizon sent me a Westell combo router/modem that I bridged to modem only.  She then had 2-3 minutes of slinging until it would freeze up.  It was a very frustrating experience looking at all the MTU solutions, this and that, but what worked was changing the Slingbox setup port to 443 from the suggested 5001 and the router port to 443.  That was all it took.

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                          After 1 year of perfect service. i am now starting to have freezes as well.

                          the only thing that chnaged was the Download/Upload to a higher rate.


                          i have checked the MTU settings and they are as recommended 1492, as this is what my ISP provides.

                          also i have done a factory reset on my slingbox, and made sure i installed the latest updates.


                          also the problem seems to hapen more in the evening then during the day, but this is just my feeling as i work during the day and dont watch any television.


                          If anybody has a good idea as where i can start to investigate the issue futher, please let me know