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    Menu and DVR buttons don't work on remote all other controls work


      I have a Slingbox HD pro connected to a Verison FIOS Standard STB it is the 2600 it works great from PC mac or ipad.  However I can not use the Menu or DVR button's on the remote, everything else works all the numbers, on off and guide plus guide is fully useable up down enter and such.  However when I select the Menu button you can see it is clicked but nothing happens.


      Anyhelp would be appriciated as I would like to watch the reorced programs from the DVR when I am not home.  I am using the Verizon multi-room unit.

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          UPDATED 11/6/2011 : I called tech support with my case number -- they now say it has been been elevated tp "third level support" and I should hear from them -- I will report back


          ORIGINAL MESSAGE: 11/2/2011




          I bought the Boxee for the Sling application -- and only the Sling.


          I'm having the same problem exactly.  But with DVR and GUIDE...I can see the picture and get sound -- and get all of the control buttons 'lit up' except DVR and GUIDE.


          It works fine with both computer (windows) and iphone applications.


          I just spent two hours on the phone with SLING tech support -- which I have always found to be great. . .and they were VERY complete.  They linked into my computer and logged on to the slingbox through it. . .worked fine.  Then had me re-losd and re-boot both the Boxee and the sling. . .still no remote.


          Then, they used my sling account to log onto my box from a Boxee they had there -- and tried to re-configure my sling.  No success.


          So now it have been 'elevated to the second level' and I've been given a case number.  I will report back on how it is going.  I did tell them about the several postings here decsribing the same problem.


          I will say in the past they have always found a solution.  I even paid for support ($32.00 for an incident) when I had a problem about a year ago.


          I live in the Virgin Islands and have the slingbox (Pro-HD) in an apartment in New York City.  (FIOS in NYC)  It is a godsend and I love it.


          The picture and sound quality are quite good even though our broadband here is not the best.


          I'm hopeful that this will be as good a product as the others.