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    Keep getting Error: 0x80072745 when trying to connect


      I'm trying to connect using the Sling Player on my PC

      OS: Win 7 Ultimate (Firewall is turned off)

      Location: Germany

      ISP: KabelBW

      Router: Linksys 3000 N (Firewall disabled)


      Here's the exact error codes I'm getting when trying to connect:


      • Error: 0x80072745
      • Context: 20
      • Operation:1011


      The interesting thing is if I connect to a VPN Proxy back in the States I can connect no problem... And, every once in a whilie I can connect without the VPN...


      Currently the slingbox is in UDP mode... Also I should probably note that my slingbox is being hosted by AmericanTV2Go


      Anyhow, any thoughts, suggestions, etc... would be greatly appreciated... Feel free to be technical as I am a Network Engineer and can handle the non-nomral user technical bable...




        • Re: Keep getting Error: 0x80072745 when trying to connect

          Figured out the problem... I have AVAST Antivirus Pro (not Internet Security, so no Firewall module)... Whenever I disabled all of the Avast modules I was able to run the Sling Player and/or connect via the web player... if Avast was running while trying to connect I would not be able to connect...


          So, just FYI for all of you AVAST users... if you disable it temporarily, you'll be good to go... once you're connected you can re-enable your shields...