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    SlingPlayer for Boxee Box Error (Code:16)


      Hi, I bought a Slingbox Pro HD and Boxee Box for my parents and got it all set up but I am running into a problem I can't fix.  I can watch TV and control their DVR from their computer and my phone no problem.  When I launch Slingplayer for Boxee on the Boxee Box, it connects far enough to disconnect anyone else connected to the Slingbox but then errors out with the following code:


      Error retrieving source IR controls. (Code:16)


      I searched on the 'net but couldn't find anyone with a similar problem so I am here to ask for assistance.  Oh, all of this is happening on the local network - I haven't even tried accessing over the internet yet.


      My setup:

      Slingbox Pro HD (brand new, purchased today and firmware upgraded today)

      Boxee Box by D-Link (brand new, purchased today and firmware upgraded today)

      AT&T U-Verse Cable Box Model VIP1200 by Motorola


      Thanks for the assistance.