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    problems with internet connection


      i have had my slingbox for a couple years now and have loved the perfomance.  i have two 8 month old great danes puppies that decided to run behind the tv stand (didn't think they could fit/the almost did) and as they ran through they pulled a few plugs.  since then, my slingbox never detects the hardwire from my internet.  if i take the cable and connect to my computer, it is fine, but the slingbox never gets past the stage of finding the network when i run the set up.  ideas?  other than obediance class for the pups.

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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          I would suggest first powering down both the SB and the router, then re-connect the ethernet cable between the router and the SB, then reboot the router and hold the reset button in on the SB when you power it up.  You may then need to re-run the setup routine for the SB, but you should be good to go after that.