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    Local remote and slingbox remote are not seperate


      This used to work with old computer. New one is Win 7. I have downloaded all the stuff. What seems to be the problem is that remote is not enabled. I have run the advanced start up several times and it still says remote not enabled. Other than that both my computer and cable box remote effect each other all else seems to be fine. Using Google chrome.

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          alanrichey42 Master

          The remote is actually stored in the Slingbox itself, so changing computers should have no effect.  Have you tried watching it through any other computer t determine if the problem lies with the Slingbox or the computer ?


          You say you have done the advanced startup a number of times.  I have never heard of that expression so not sure what you mean, but what you ahould be doing is re-running the Video Source Input setup in case the remote codes have been corrupted.