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    SlingCatcher remote buttons don't match HDS-600RS

    jamesmccourt Novice

      Hi Dana,


      A slightly different scenario....


      I have a question about my Slingcatcher remote as I can't assign the colored buttons to match those on my Slinbgbox HDS-600RS. When I press OPT on the catcher the slingbox commands aren't there so I'm having to delete recorded programming via the virtual remote online.

      Do you have any suggestions?



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          Hi jamesmccourt - this post was in the incorrect community, so I moved it here, as it appears to be related to your SlingCatcher (not SlingPlayer for iPhone or HDS-600RS per se). Please be sure to post your product questions in the correct sub-community so the moderators and other Sling users here can better help you!


          As far as the buttons not matching up, I honestly don't know, as that is not a hardware combination we've tested. But I will look into this further and leave this discussion open to see if any other users might able to help in the meantime.


          Best regards,

          Sling Support

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              jamesmccourt Novice



              I appreciate you doing some research for me. I can still use the colored buttons on the virtual remote so it isn't the end of the world but everytime I want to delete shows from my Slingbox DVR I need to do it online or on the Slingplayer application- not on my Slingcatcher.


              Also, because the colored buttons on the Slingcatcher don't work for me I can't scroll quickly through the Freesat TV guide. On the HDS-600RS the yellow and blue buttons allow you to move forward by +1 day or +2.5 hours and the same in reverse. Quite a good feature!