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    Can not connect to Slingbox


      While watching TV remotely, the video froze.  I disconnected from the slingbox and tried to re-connect.  It came back on the screen with "Can not connect, network error." or something very similar to that.


      I called my daughter where the slingbox pro-hd is located and asked here if there was any network issues and she said she was online with her iPad and it was working fine.  I asked her to check the slinkbox and she said the power and internet lights were solid "on".  The sling icon in the center of the panel face was lit, but instead of the lights chasing each other around the upside down U,  they were all lit up together and going from dim to bright over and over.  I had her shut the unit down and after at least an hour plug it back in and we have the same result.  Dim to bright center icon.


      Any ideas?



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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          You might try powering down the SB but disconnecting its power supply from electricity, then reboot the router that is connected to it, then restart the SB.   If that doesn't solve it, then try repeating all of the steps mentioned before, but hold the reset button in on the SB when you restart it for about 15 seconds.   You may then need to re-run the setup routine for the SB.


          And if that still doesn't solve it, then you might have a failing power supply -- check other threads in this forum for tips on how to get a replacement.