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    Port Forwarding on 5001 for slingcatchers

    andres7790 Newbie

      Hi all, i am having trouble setting up my SLINGCATCHER's port Forwarding options

      Here is my setup

      1. Streaming End
        1. 3 SlingBoxes (Solo, Pro & HD )
        2. Each Have a different public ip address (They are in different locations)
        3. The ALL stream though port 5001 (PLease see attached file to confirm)
      2. Receiving End
        1. SlingCatcher
        2. I have static IP with my ISP
        3. The slingcatcher has a locally assigned static ip of
        4. Since all slingboxes are streaming though port 5001, i have assigned port forwarding 5001 to
      3. The Dilema
        1. My slingcatcher is connecting fine to all slingboxes, Just not through 5001 it is doing it via other ports even though i have setup port fwd
        2. PLease see ip2.pdf (attached)
          1. I can confirm that is connecting via 2207
          2. In this screenshot it's connecting via 2207, but in other instances it has connected though all types of ports, ranging from 2205-2280
          3. As the file will tell you
            1. In the original direction the source ip is the assigned static ip of the slingcatcher ( connecting via port 2207 to my slinbox's public ip (XXX.XXX.X.XXX) via port 5001 and vice versa in the reply direction
      4. What am I doing wrong in my end? Why is the slingcatcher connecting via other ports?