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    Not able to get remote connection


      Same here. I can watch a friend's slingbox on my new macbook pro. But I can't watch my slingbox pro hd (located at my folks' place) on my computer. Worst part: everyone else (including Slingbox customer service folks) is able to watch my slingbox. In other words, my slingbox won't work with my computer but will work for everyone else. I spoke twice to some nice Slingbox tech people today and the answer was: your slingbox works, we can see it, you can see other slingboxes but we don't know why you can't see your particular slingbox. It's just weird. I paid $250 for weird?


      When I try to watch my Slingbox, it either can't access my slingbox or it seems to access it and says "starting streaming" but it just stays there at 0 kps until it finally gives up and gives me Error Code W211. I have a macbook pro 17" that I bought yesterday. It uses new Lion OS X - 10.7.2. My firewall is off. I tried deleting and reloading the plugin. I tried using Firefox Version 6 instead of Safari. Nothing works. Anyone else having the same trouble? Any suggestions or solutions? I'm about to ask for a refund but want to give Slingbox one more chance.