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    Big Problem... Won't Turn On!!!


      I baught my slingcatcher when they were first released, so it is not that old. I watched my slingcatcher almost every day. This morning I tried to turn it on and there was nothing. I tried to press the reset button, nothing. I tried unplugging and plugging back in and the lights seem to come on but very, very, dim. It kinda sounds like there might be a very high pitch noise comming from it also, but it is around a few other electronics and I cant pin point the noise.


      Any one got any suggestions? Would it be worth sending back to get refurbed?

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          callanish Apprentice

          Based on previous info from the old slingcommunity, all signs point to the power adapter itself. The high pitch sound might also be coming from the power adapter. I would look for a replacement power adapter first before replacing the slingcatcher; it could be something as simple as that rather than the slingcatcher.

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            In case that you need to purchase a replacement part, you can visit the Online Store, please click here;



            If this doesn't help, please let us know. The more details and information can provide, the better we (the forum community and Sling Media) can help.


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              robbr Newbie

              With the sound coming from the power adapter I'd be 99% sure it's your power cord.  Follow the link the Sling people gave you and you should be able to get a new power adapter in a week or so.  I have replaced 2 of mine over the years and they ship them out pretty fast.  Good Luck!

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                  I have 2 Slingcatchers in my home.  This morning I discovered that one of the Slingcatchers would not power up.  I switched the locations of the Slingcatchers and still experienced the same problem.  I noticed that the problematic unit had a high pitch noise, which I later determined was coming from the A/C adapter.  I then switched the 2 A/C adapters and had no issue powering up the problematic unit.  Thus, both of my Slingcatchers work properly with one of the A/C adapters and neither Slingcatcher will power up with the A/C adapater that produces a high pitched noise when plugged into the power outlet.


                  So, the problems we are experiencing definitely are coming from the A/C adapter.  The problematic A/C adapter came with the Slingcatcher that I purchased first (approximately 6 months before the purchase of my 2nd Slingcatcher unit).


                  I visited the Slingcatcher store in an attempt to purchase an additional A/C adapter, but the part is "temporarily out of stock".  In fact, I plan on purchasing an additional 2 A/C adapters as I am now fearful that the A/C adapter that is currently working will also fail 6 months from now.  The fact that the A/C adapter is "temporarily out of stock" leads me to believe that Sling is having problems with this particular type of A/C adapter.


                  It would be helpful if Sling technical support would look at our posts and give us all some feedback and tell us if they are having problems with these A/C adapters.

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                      ArizonaSackbut Apprentice

                      Nothing against ordering a new power supply from SlingMedia, but if they're out of stock or you prefer to pick one up locally, have a look at this link:





                      The Pro HD, Solo and SlingCatcher all use the same power supply.  That thread has the specs and polarity for the power supply you need.  Any decent electronics store (or Radio Shack) should carry the right part.  I suggest taking the unit with you so you can match up the correct barrel plug size.



                      Hope this helps,


                      - Az

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                        I'm pretty sure that my slingcatcher is dead


                        As a test, I unplugged the power supply from the slingbox and plugged the slingcatcher's suspect faulty power supply. The slingbox turned on but however, the picture was cutting in-and-out as if the power supply is indeed faulty.


                        However, as a double test, I took the power supply from the Slingbox and plugged it into the slingcatcher.. the network light is very faintly lit up and after waiting 5 min, the catcher doesn't turn on. 


                        Bum deal...faulty power supply and faulty slingcatcher! I bought it exactly last year, it bearly made its 1 year anniv.

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                          I have the same problem and I'm amazed at how many people are having the problem.  I don't know if I want to pay them for another power supply, just to have the problem again like other people have experienced.

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                        I am having the same problem... unable to turn on sling catcher with very dim lights on network and logo...based on thread I will look for power supply tomorrow,  If this works, I,ll get several power cords as I have a number of Sling boxes. Sure am glad that this thread exists... thanks



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                          I also have the same problem like many of you. Before I pay $19.99 for a power supply, don't all Sling Catchers have a 1-year hardware warranty?

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                            I just got back from vacation and my sling catch also will not turn on.  I live in Germany and the singplayer HD is at my parents house in AZ.  The sling box is maybe a year old.  So looking at all these issues with other people's slingcatchers...but the power cord first and see if that works?  If not buy a whole new system.

                            I cannot reset it, have unplugged it to let it cool down, nothing.  It is plugged into a power adapter strip.  100-240 v is stated on the plug so I am assuming it is fine to use in Germany with the higher voltage.

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                                Hi... I am using a unit I bought in the states in France with no problem... so I would think you should be ok.  On the other hand, I have another unit I bought at the same time that I use in the states that has failed in similar manner as described in this thread.  It's interesting that when I called Sling and described th problem and suggested that it was hardware based they assured me that it was software oriented and that I would need to pay for support... they even went so far as to inform me they knew exactly what the problem was but that I would need to pay for that info!  After finding this thread it was easy to resolve with a replacement power supply from best buy... as I have five sling boxes, I will probably aquire three or four spare power supplies which represents low confidence in the product.


                                I have to believe that Sling is aware of the problems we are encountering with the product and has orchestrated a response (or lack there of)that is even more frustrating.  Does make one wonder why they are choosing this method to kill the product line.  The Sling of two years ago was the best support organization I knew of... now..... not so much.



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                                I just ran into the same problem. My slingCather when dead suddently when i've tried to play a home movie.


                                Reading this tread confirmed the problem : a dead power adapter.


                                This is another case confirming the poor quality of the power adapter provided with the SlingCatcher.


                                I recommend going with a new adapter from your local store.

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                                  Dear all, thanks for the information, my slingcatcher has the same problem i will try to find a power supply, anyone know if there is any company who sell similar product to slingmedia?  

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                                    Wow, I just had a ridiculous experience with tech support calling about this problem.  I'm still within the one year warranty.  My problem appears to be the same power supply issue in that my slingplayer just won't turn on anymore and my power supply makes a high-pitched noise.  They told me that I could either troubleshoot myself and buy a 19.99 power supply or could buy an incident-support plan for 29.99.  Either way, despite being under warranty, they were going to make me pay at least 19.99, and that's under the assumption that I am right about the problem.  One year warranty thus means one year, but they will charge you 29.99 each time you call.  This is absolutely ridiculous and I'll be going at this on my own with HTPCs in the future.

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                                      We also have a problem with no power lights coming on on our slingcatcher.  I guess we'll try a

                                      new power supply and hope it's not a waste of money.



                                      Update: We received the new power supply.  The sling catcher is working great again.




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