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    Audio and Video Dropouts


      Well my worst fear is realized...I'm 2 months out of 90 day warranty and audio / video is stuttering for no apparent reason.


      I've spent my morning power cycling all equipment, allowing SB to cool, trying to stream from mutiple computers and other testing to no avail. 


      I get over 8000kbps - as I always have, but for some reason starting today, audio drops out with a slight to severe video hiccough ranging in length from a split second to a full second or two or more, occurring every second or so to once every 10+ seconds or so making SB totally unuseable.


      I'm using a very straight forward network that worked PERFECTLY for last 5 months...latest Apple Airport Extreme and Apple laptops getting full WiFi strength.


      Given that the 8000+kbps does NOT "dip" when these drop outs happen, setting quality down to GOOD (2000 kpbs), and resetting SB all have no effect, it makes me think the issue is Sling Plug in or hardware related.


      Any help Sling Media or do I have to start spending support money to get my $350 box working as it should?