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    How to "watch TV on my TV" using Slingbox?


      Hello, this may be a strange question, as I know the Slingbox was probably not designed for this purpose...but

      I have a Samsung LED flastscreen in my apt that I want to move to another room. 

      However, I have only one current cable wire setup.  I do not want to drill a hole in my wall to wire the cable through to my new room...


      Would I be able to use Slingbox to wirelessly transmit the cable signal and watch tv in the new room without the Slingbox connected to an actual tv?


      Thanks very much!

        • Re: How to "watch TV on my TV" using Slingbox?

          Hi iloverelaxbear,


          What I'm getting from your post, is that you would like to stream from an actual television without the Slingbox attached to it.


          Please note, that the Slingbox should be connected to the Set Top Box or Audio and Video Source and a router, for you to be able to stream from a computer or use one of the SlingPlayer Mobile apps.


          If you want to stream from the TV, then you can check the following link which shows the option that you have.


          SlingPlayer for Boxee Box