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    How do I wipe my Slingbox directory to start again? Is it not allowed?


      Hi there


      How do I remove slingbox's from my directory? I cannot seem to do this on eithr my iPod Touch or via the plugin for Safari. It doesn't help that the Safari plugin can't see my local network, despite the unsupported out of date software seeing it and the flash version.


      What I did was created another version of my slingbox but this time with a local ip address. However I entered it in wrongly and when I try to enter in the correct one I keep getting failed to connect. However I can enter in a local of random rubbish [within reason] and get a connection set up. It doesn't work of course because it's a load of rubbish.


      I am beinging to think your software contains random rubbish. The hardware and idea is great but only when a connection can be set up. There are just too many issues with the interface and connecting to the Slingbox for it to be good.


      I uninstalled the iPod Touch app yet when I installed it again, all my directory names were still there because you hold them and you are refusing to allow me to remove them, as far as I can tell.


      I know am moaning but I am having no end of problems with the software and I didn't buy it so I I could enjoy no end of problems. The hardware works fine, it's just the software. Unfortunately the hardware is useless without the software. It's just a large brick if it can't be used.


      Also how do I know if I am connected locally or via the Internet? I'd rather use my faster local connection than the Internet, which is using up my bandwidth, not to mention yours as it passes through your servers. I don't think these are unreasonable questions, considering I can't find the information out in the software itself.


      Here's an example of just how great the software is. I entered an IP address that was for my iPod Touch. Ok I was messing around trying different ones and I just happened to add this one. Now when I run the mobile app is quits because it don't like the fact it's looking on itself. So I'm having to delete it and hope that resolves the issue, which it did thankfully. That's an example of how great the software is.


      I work in IT so I know when programmes can be good or are good but let down my poor interfaces. I think the Slingbox ones are a mixture of poor interfaces and poor background programming. Like I said, the Slingbox hardware is great if a connection can be setup, if being the word.


      Kind regards