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    If i change my phone, what then ?



      Have installed the slingplayer mobile on my Nokia N95 8Gb

      Runs like a charm and the installation was really Plug N' Play.

      Did register the product today.


      Picture and sound is stunning, even running on the 3G net here in Denmark.


      Ha been travelling by train to Copenhagen, using the trains local WIFI internet, and there

      was only 2 "hickups" each for approx 30 sec's on a train ride for 2 hours.


      My setup is:

      SlingBox Solo

      Dreambox DM7020S

      50/50 Mb fiberconnection to the internet.

      Nokia N95 8Gb


      But what happens if i have to change my phone and i want to install

      Slingplayer mobile on my new phone ?


      Best regards, and tnx for this great product.