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    N-Logo and Network Lights Blinking in Unison


      After many years of flawless use my Slingbox Pro-HD has been exhibiting strange behavior where the slingbox shuts down and resets itself and the N-Logo and Network lights start to blink in unison (the power light remains on and solid).  To try to rectify the problem when this happen, I unplug the Slingbox and/or press the reset button on the back of the slingbox.  In both instances the Pro-HD reverts back to the blinking Logo and Network lights and I am unable to connect and watch the connected devices.  The lights continue to blink for at least 5 minutes until the Pro-HD apparently fixes itself and the Network and power lights remain on as it should be.  I can then connect to the slingbox and watch and control the connected devices as if nothing had happened.


      This has happened twice (that I know about) in the last 2-3 months (most recently this evening).  Does anyone know what is happening to the Pro-HD when the Logo and network lights are blinking in unison?  Is this something that I need to be concerned about?  I'm afraid that my Pro-HD might be on its last legs and go belly up.  When the Pro-HD is connected, it works perfectly both on the same network and remotely.



      Bobby Braune

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          Hi bbraune,


          What I'm getting from your post is that you're losing the the connection to the Slingbox from time to time.


          In this case and before you receive any response from the forum users, you can provide more information or background of the issue.


          For example, you can provide information about the network layout or error messages when the Slingbox gets disconnected.


          Also, make sure that the Slingbox is connected to the wall outlet and not using a power strip and hardwired to the main router.


          Besides that, you can discard a Dynamic IP affecting the Slingbox connectivity.