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    ipad app and DISH


      DISH 722 DVR  I have my slingbox set on viewing the TV2 for this DVR.  Remote control on the PC app is great and works fine, I use it daily.  Changing channels and functions work perfect - but for the PC I can I can view the copy of a DISH remote control.


      I also have the ipad app and it sucks.  It does not give me the same commands.  I still  can sort of control the DVR.  For example channel up/down work but the channel changing is off whenever I select a program via the channel guide or numerical entry pad.  It is like the ipad app is forcing the extra 00's into the numeric channel selection that neither my remotes, or PC slingbox app do.  This makes the DVR go into a video on demand channel.


      Any suggestions?

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          Hi pokerman11,


          What I can see from your post, is that you're having problems controlling the Slingbox using the iPad app


          In  this case, besides doing a hard reset of the Slingbox, you can  uninstall the application and download it back.


          Besides that, make sure you're not selecting a leading zero option during the Setup Assistant.


          If still the same, try running the Setup  under a different  Dish model, if the problem is still the same, you can post  the results here.