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    Network Error despite correct settings




      I have a SlingBox Solo  connected to Italy's Fastweb's network (which runs under a NAT). I do not use the standard Fastweb's router (which did not allow me to connect), instead I use a US Robotics Gmax.


      I am now abroad and I can connect to my slingbox perfectly via SlingPlayer from my computer/laptop AND iPhone app. However the SlingCatcher will just not work.


      I have forwarded the ports on the router in Italy via TCP and UDP to 5001. Please note that the tutorial on Slingbox.com is incorrect for this router, mainly it suggest which WAN port range to forward but not the LAN range (which I assumed would be the same as the WAN - perhaps this is the mistake).


      I did the 'set-up for internet viewing set-up' but the Slingcatcher always reports the Network 'cannot connect to slingbox'  Error.

      The stream type I get changed from SNATT to RELAY but still does not allow me to connect via SlingCatcher.


      I have tried every tutorial on this website and searched the forum but I just cannot seem to solve this.


      I would really appreciate some help on this issue.