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    Won't stay connected longer than 2 or 3 minutes [Code:W211]

    sblyke Newbie

      I have been using my slingbox solo for 4 months with no issues on the same home (permanent home) and remote (temporary home) internet connection.  Right around when the slingbox kerfuffle took place earlier in the month I started having an issue.


      I can connect to my slingbox, and I see and hear audio/video and am able to control my television.  But then the picture freezes after about 3 minutes, sometimes more, sometimes less.  Eventually, I will get a message that says: There was an error connecting to your Slingbox. Please try again. Do you want to retry? [Code:W211]


      I have to reset my connection in order to watch television.  But the problem is, after the reset, I ol get to watch tv for about 3 minutes, before the picture freezes again. I have to continue resetting in order to watch television, and this is very annoting..  This is all using the web browser player on my laptop computer.


      I have no problems connecting and watching on my sling player mobile AT ALL.  Also, when I connect my laptop to my cell phone's Internet connection (tethering) I have no problems watching slingbox on my laptop.  The problem occurs when I am signed into my remote (temporary home) Internet connection.  Again, I have been at my remote temporary home site for the past 4 months with no problems. So this is not a laptop issue at all, and there is nothing wrong with my slingbox at home (permanent home).


      Can someone help?