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    IR code help.. thanks


      I have spent hours trying to get my slingbox setup and working.  Everything is going now except the remote control.


      I read every post I could locate and did find a created code on the JP1 site, but I have NOT found how I get this into the program so it can be used.  I have noticed that the codes that have been made on this site are zip files and the one I downloaded from the JP1 site was not.  I have found bits of information such as putting the code in the  BIN file in the SBAV folder, but when I found my SBAV folder, it is empty.


      I could sure use help with what to do with the information I got from the JP1 site or another way to get the remote set up for my DVD player.


      I have a Memorex MVD2016


      Thank you so much for any assistance.  I have to leave home in about 12 hours and was sure hoping to get to use my box while I was gone.