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    Can't find my Slingbox ID


      I've never had much luck connecting to my slingbox outside of my network.  I connect maybe one out of every 15-20 trys.  When I do connect it's awesome, it's just incredibly frustrating retrying and retrying to get there.  Anyway I decided to set it up using my Slingbox ID.  I went to lookup my Slingbox ID and both slingbox.com and the desktop software list it as 30303030303030303030303030303031.  This doesn't seem right to me.    It's funny, when I'm logged in and I refresh the support page, all the info on "my" slingbox changes.  The Slingbox name is "Rogue", then changes to "South Dakota" "My Slingbox" etc... Suprisingly, "Archipelagos's Slingbox comes up about every 15-20 refreshes.  Anyway is there a way I can find my "real" id?  If not, how can I fix this?

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          Hi Archipelagos,


          What I'm getting from your post, is that you're having problems with the Slingbox ID connection.


          In this case and as a first step, I would recommend to perform a hard reset of the Slingbox.


          Also, to discard any streaming restriction affecting the connectivity


          On the other hand, you can update the router's firmware as well and even use an IP connection instead of the Slingbox ID


          If the problem is still the same after that, you can comeback and let us know the outcomes.