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    driving me crazy.. stuck optimizing


      my slingbox worked fine until about a week ago.. i touched nothing, but now i cannot remotely connect to anything. It works fine on my LAN, but away from home...NOTHING. It gets stuck optimizing at like 62 or 87 and saying its streaming or controlling sometimes, but no video or audio. What do i have to do to fix this.. please help!!!!

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          ArizonaSackbut Apprentice

          You've probably got a network problem, it may not be any of your stuff that's doing it, and it might be a pain in the rump to track down.



          Start by checking your upload speed from home, this is how fast your ISP connection is allowing data to flow up to the internet.  This speed is critical to how well your Slingbox performs when you're remote viewing.


          I like this site for that, but there are others:




          Assuming you're getting 1 Mbps or better, try power cycling (on/off, not reset) your Slingbox, router and Cable/DSL modem at home.



          If those don't fix it, try from a different computer away from home if possible.  Or if your computer is a laptop, try watching from a different remote network.  Don't forget about sling.com/live_tv if you check from someone else's computer, that might be helpful if your Slingbox model supports it from the computer you try.  The idea here is to try and figure out if it's the network you're trying to connect from, or your computer.




          If all this started after you upgraded the firmware on your Slingbox, that's a suspicious coincidence too...




          Good luck !



          - Az

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            Did you get this worked out?  Mine does the same thing only I am stuck at 0% optimizing.

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              I am having the same problem. Download only at 58-88 kbps, yet the xmit upload speed is at 1.4 mbps. This just started 3 days ago.


              anyone making any progress with these issues?

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                i had to do a factory reset and re set up everything ..then it worked finally

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                    factory reset on the slingbox? or router and modem?




                    Im having the same issue setting this up for a friend.

                    It just get stuck at optimizing.....

                    I dont think it is a window 7 issue or firewall on window 7.

                    Took the computer to other wifi locations and it connects without an issue.


                    Modem or router issue most likely.....i have no access to the slingbox pro since its far far away...


                    Any specific setting for the router or modem to allow access to slingmedia?

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                    are you with timewarner(roadrunner internet service)? I kind of encounter the same thing since last month. I went to my friend's house with timewarner service and it did the same thing, however, when I tried to watch the slingbox from other isp, it was totally normal.