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    keyboard does not work with onscreen remote control


      When I use slingbox.com, my keyboard doesn't work to control the onscreen remote control.

      I can use the remote control fine if I click on the onscreen remote, but if I type the keyboard shortcuts it doesn't work.

      I think this only happens when I'm using the default web page or in full screen.

      If do the option to run slingbox in its own window, I think the remote works. I've tried that once.

      I  really don't like to run in that mode.  I want a solution or bugifix,  if possible, for using keyboard shortcuts in the normal slingbox.com  view.


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          Hi mhd001,


          What I can see from your post, is that you're having problems controlling the Slingbox using the keyboard.


          In this case, besides doing a hard reset of the Slingbox, you can uninstall the plug-in and download it back, also, try from a different web browser.


          If still the same, try running the Setup under a different model, if the problem is still the same, you can post the results here.



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              I've tried this on many combinations.  I just installed all the plugins and stuff in IE, and connected it to two slingboxes.  It does the same thing.  Keyboard keys like down-arrow/up-arrow are NOT handled by the slingbox.com plugin.  Another thing I tried just now that's revealing is I got rid of the remote, and just typed up/down-arrow with just the browser showing. I clicked on the TV image, hoping that would ensure focus for the plugin.   When I typed up/down arrow, it just scrolled the browser window (I was on a laptop with a small screen, so the slingbox.com plugin content didn't completely fit in the browser window).  Anyhow, that shows the plugin is not even taking the keyboard input -- the keyboard events are just going straight to the browser, which thinks you're typing up/down arrow just to scroll the window, not knowing you're trying to change the channel through the slingbox plugin.


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