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    Remap shortcut keys on Windows SlingPlayer 2.0 remotes?


      Hello All,


      I use a old computer running SlingPlayer 2.0 on Windows as a media center PC. Want to use my Android phone as a remote. After lots of testing I have found a couple of good apps (WIN - Remote & gPad) for android that will allow me to create a custom remote on my android phone which in turns triggers actions on my media center PC such as keyboard strokes or opening programs. The device on the other end of my Slingbox PRO-HD is a Comcast branded CISCO RG200N HD DVR. It turns out that slingbox has a very nice remote made for the DVR that works for all its functions. The one problem I have is that he slingbox created remote does not have a keybord shortcut mapped to 1 important key, the "My DVR" key. How do I remap the slingbox provided remote so that this button has a keybaord shortcut associated with it? Without this keyboard shortcut my android remote won’t be too useful. Thanks for all your help!