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    Setup Slingbox Both for Slingfinder Connection and Dynamic DNs


      I have my Pro HD (and a Classic) set up with the usual Slingfinder connection.  I would also like to set up a connection using DynDNS for the same box with a different entry in the Slingbox Directory.  I used to have that setup for my Classic but made some network changes recently (switched from AT&T ADSL to Uverse with 2Wire modem/router operating as modem only behind a Linksys WRT610N).  I can't figure out/remember how to set up the additional DynDNS profile.  I tried yesterday and was able to set it up using the same port for the DynDNS forwarding as the Slingfinder setup, but when I saved it the Slingfinder entry in my directory disappeared.  What am I missing?  What ports should I use for the DynDNS connections?  I used 443 before and it worked fine, but for some reason right now my Linksys is not opening that port, so I switched to 5001 in the DNS configuration.  Is it possible I can't use the same port for both DynDNS and the Slingfinder configuration?