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    Basic Newby question


      I have assumed that to use my slingbox when away from home that before I left home I'd have to insure that my cable box is turned on.  However, I noticed that the slingbox remote has a Power ON/OFF button.  So would I be able to use this button to actually turn my cable box on & off?  I know it's going to sound like a stupid question to you veterans but I'm just getting started and I'd rather not discover the answer when I want to use the box the first time.

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          Hi Edpa777,


          You don't need to keep the cable box on if you are going to connect to the Slingbox remotely or at home. The IR cable is connected from the Slingbox to the front of the cable box so at any time you can use the virtual remote control on your computer or phone (if you have the SlingPlayer application installed) to turn off/on or change channels. You just need to confirm that the IR cable is properly connected,


          IR Blaster or Onscreen Remote Control Troubleshooting Basics


          Hope this helps