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    Random connection speeds


      I have a slingbox located on a very fast stable connection (30mb download, 3mb upload). I am trying to access this from another location where I have a download speed of 2mb and an upload of 250kb. I have connected to this slingbox from the alternate location and received 1900kbs streaming. This is great, however this rarely happens. Most of the time it is steady around 200kb. Now during the times my network speed tests remain the same with an independent site like speedtest.org (30mb d/l, 3mb u/l and 2mb d/l 250kb u/l).


      I have had my lines checked on both of these locations and I have tried different ports (5001 and 443). I have purchased a new slingbox (this one currently) just to check and see if it was the problem. I can access my slingbox from work and never have any troubles. So my problem is somewhere between my other location to my slingbox location. Could someone please help or point me in the right direction to get this solved.