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    Update Notice - Install - Now Won't Work


      I knew something was up when I didn't automatically log in and then start watching TV on my laptop.


      I logged in and got an Auto Update that I then proceeded, I thought, to install.


      Once I finished the following is what I get repeatedly.


      It checks "My Account" then goes to "Auto-Connecting to my Slingbox..." where after a while it aborts to the Screen that says "The Slingbox Administrator password you typed is incorrect...."


      I never used that password.


      When I try "View Only Password" it also aborts back to the last screen.


      The problem is that my Slingbox with Administrator Password (written on a piece of paper) is in California and I am in Canada.


      I registered my Solo in 2008 so of course they refuse to do anything on the phone until I agree to pay.


      I do not recall an opt-out feature for the Update although I have never had any problems doing one before.


      What can I do short of going to California and de-installing and re-installing all over again?

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          I now see that what happened to me is common to several people many of whom like me are thousands of miles away from their Slingbox.


          Sad, absolutely sad.

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            Everytime I try to log in I follow the step by step instructions that tell me that I need to install new slingplayer plugin.  I get to the step that confirms that the plugin is being installed and for me to "please wait".  I wait and I wait and I wait...  but nothing happens.  i have tried this procedure many, many times and always end up where it tells me "to please wait" then nothing happens!  H E L P !  Am missing the NFL games.

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              By going through a number of threads it is PAINFULLY APPARENT that what I have experienced happens over and over and over and over again to many people.


              I did find a way to get through the Administrator Password problem by simply using "Admin" as the password and that screen never comes up again.


              Unfortunately I get to the screen where it wants to upload my Remote and it reverts to "Input Unconfigured".  When I go to the "Options" task bar I then go to a page about My Slingbox which then tells me I do not have it configured for Remote Viewing.


              I will be phoning Support on Monday to get an address so that I can write to complain.


              I feel sorry for those overseas and others who can't get to their source to re-do the whole mess.  I, at least, can get to California in due course.


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                  I am now in California and have reinstalled remote viewing.


                  No answer to my problem at all except an anonymous edit by the Moderator....


                  If I get another Update Notice I'd like to be able to refuse it as there is no doubt in my mind that that was what caused me to lose my remote viewing capability.

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                  Hi peodynak and all, if after a firmware update you are unable to connect to the Slingbox you may need to manually reboot the unit, the best way to do it it's by pressing the reset on the back of the Slingbox for one second, if it doesn't work check the article below to reset the SB to factory settings.


                  How to reset your Slingbox to factory settings