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    Higher Throughput Options


      I am fortunate enough to have 20 Mbps upload at my remote Slingbox HD side and > 20 Mbps download speeds here. Needless to say, maxing out the HD content at roughly 2 Mbps on my slingbox is not a problem. Nevertheless, watching sports remotely (which is why I purchased the box to begin with) is pretty painfall, even with HD stations, given the crappy 30 fps framerate.


      Is there a way, or are there any plans for a firmware upgrade that would allow a 60 fps throughput? Or are there other "like" devices that would make this possible? With Dish Network and others now bundling with these devices and the fiberoptics capabilities allowing for some truly excellent bandwidth rates, I think it would be great to be able to truly stream remote content in its originally delivered format (as an option if your bandwidth and graphics card can process it).